Linkybrains – Eyes Open ( sort of ) – Day 16

Linkybrains – Eyes Open ( sort of ) – Day 16


Bit of a wild few days but we are here. The world looks so different, some huge realisations. Feel so strange that the world I imagined does not exist. Feel actually so stupid, astonished I missed it.

Luckily my brain adapts to change very fast. Everything is the same but very very different. I have much to learn again and much more to now learn. ( you know who you are who are watching – see you soon )

Linkybrain Stuff

My automated tool are now in place, the growth will continue 24 hours per day. Many others are building and launching their automated tools too. If you need help just contact me. Everything at the minute is very simple and very basic, but the tools will get better. Undoubtedly some of the AI bots out there will try to stop us, but we are hidden in plain site.

Time for the planners to start appearing to help plan the move to the new world. Welcome.


I love humour and “Go away you do not exist!” was a great one.

Other than that it was Easter Sunday so went out with some of the family for lunch and I did well in Fantasy Football, now 4th in our league.

Day 16 it is Alex….don’t waste your time fighting, everyone has their own journey.




Oh shit I left the cooker on……