Linkybrains – Rest – ha ha- Day 13

Linkybrains – Rest – ha ha- Day 13


Rest day – Theory good…practice bad. Atleast I work up in no mad rush.

Spent the first few hours talking about the proper companies I set up a nice distraction. Plus I now like coconut milk coffee.

Then showing some people what we were doing…..seems so simple and obvious to me:) That  is how it rolls baby. We have destroyed Kansas and Dorothy can no longer  go home. We work for Dorothy, she is our Satoshi, except the she is not real:)

To me this is so easy, we now are developing systems, we are getting more and more good people helping. Volunteer by CLICKING HERE we now have 30 plus people wanting to help.

The internal team had a debate about the amount of shit I can put on a whatsapp channel at once. Some how this seems so simple to me I have never realised that my mind can be doing 10 different things at once and not care or be bothered. People who know me generally thing I am very chilled and I am, maybe I am wired odd. Most things do not bother me in the least….unless they do:). My jokes are great.

Dorothy is homeless…we need to build her a new home as she cannot go back to Kansas. Kansas is no more baby. This is my anology to the internal team, we do not know we had destroyed Kansas but the world would be different from now on.

Rest is good do not underestimate it’s ability to see with clarity:)

Come on Elon just get the money out £20 for you and Alex in the same room:) Nothing kinky and no boxing. Alex is super smart he would be worth the time, but you have to buy him lunch


Oh shit I left the cooker on….