LinkyBrains – Knackered and need help – Day 12

LinkyBrains – Knackered and need help – Day 12


18 hour days 4 hours sleep, forgetting to eat.

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Being battered on chats all day – 1000 plus chats per day for 9 days now. Many of you have chatted to me whilst I have 10 other windows open. ( I have been in coffee shops, on trains, in railways stations, in different hotels, in meetings  )

The negatives, the people who want it to fail, etc etc.

I am a relentless driven bastard but soon I will need to rest.

There are now probably 1 million people seen stuff, please help. It is that simple if you want to see this work then we need help.

Also the internal demons that I also struggle with are still there…they do not go way.

You can sit and watch or you can get involved. Please help.

This is the simple belief:

We believe that society, business and science make giant leaps forward because of certain types of people who connect unrelated dots and create entirely new ways we live our lives – we call these people LinkyBrains.

However LinkyBrains can often be wired to operate in isolation, or be misunderstood by the institutions where they work.
It means vast amounts of their productive power is wasted and society loses.

We believe the more they are connected the more society wins.

Our mission is to give them environments where they can create exponential value in the world.

Volunteer here

Please share this any where and every where please.

Also do not forget to Elon I want my £20:) I will have my £20:):) And Alex will smile as he gives me it.


Oh shit I left the cooker on….