Linus Dahg – Wellington Partners VC ( Simon Menashy’s mate)

Linus Dahg – Wellington Partners VC ( Simon Menashy’s mate)

Looking for the other posts oops sorry:)

Andy Murray probably knows nothing about tech, but Seedrs still like him???

Ignite is open

Who is this?

Simon Menashy or Linus Dahg or a pirate. Simon and Linus share a flat and as can be see below they should not be allowed out with Venture capital money as they are simply children:)

Linus Dahg

Linus Dahg


Simon Menashy


It must be like having kids in a sweet shop, every night Linus and Simon sit in their flat thinking about how many sweets they can buy with all that money. Chocolates, Sherbets, maybe even treat themselves to some porn channels.

Money and money and money and Linus Dahg and Simon Menashy and sweets and pizzas and porn channels

Some real stuff is missing here as I never had it writterm

We now all wait to see if this ranks for Linus Dahg……and if it does I get to have some sweets:)

More sweets please.

By the way the pictures above are not Linus Dahg but are Simon Menashy