Month1 is over – Life Jim but not as we know it ( Linkybrains/Linkbrain )



So I did a month of idiot writing…phew…. ( this has become Linkybrains/Linkbrain ). ( Thanks to alex Dunsdon for the name )

The aim of me writing was so I was forced each day to reflect on life and what I was doing and going to do.

  • During the month I reflected lots more than I ever could have imagined.
  • Lots of people contacted me having read my blog and asked to chat or send advice.
  • People I did meet had read my blog and hence the depth of conversations seemed deeper as they felt they knew me.
  • I could go on and on……but it has been a very interesting time in my head for me anyway…. Sorry if you had to listen to my ramblings.

Some basic findings about myself. Sorry about this but I am writing this for myself to be able to look back at:

  • I can run again without pain in my joints, this is a biggie as I feel free.
  • I like being by myself lots.
  • I appear to be an extrovert but am probably an introvert.
  • I feel like I have done little in my life, but others think it is a lot, sometimes.
  • Many things that are obvious to me are not obvious.
  • Many things people believe are correct I don’t understand.
  • I cannot keep quiet when I feel something is wrong and/or not aligned with my beliefs….. I know I should but I can’t…. like having Touretts.
  • I have an big case of imposter syndrome and feel like people will find out I am a kid from North Shields who went to a bad school and stole from the shops.
  • I was loved and spoilt rotten as a kid and did not realise it.
  • I have spoilt all my kids rotten, but looks like they have vaguely turned out to be morally nice people….annoying, opinionated, smart, nice people…. I should count my blessings.
  • I have a family and group of friends who accept me for what I am and I should appreciate that.
  • I am not an investor….. I love building shit that is stimulating and makes cash ( r has some form of score card )…. the journey is the fun…the money is just the score card.
  • I love helping people who want to be helped and appreciate it.
  • I am crap at having others help me…. I appreciate it but I find it uncomfortable…sorry to everyone who has helped me and I have not accepted the help… I am learning.
  • I can be too believing in what people are capable of.
  • I hope sometimes too much that people can be great.
  • If I like you I want you to be bettar than you want to be.
  • I am a lazy git, unless something massively interest me.
  • I will learn and learn and learn something then get bored and want to do something else.
  • The things I love that money can buy are:
    • nice hotel
    • beds on planes
    • good food
    • FREEDOM of having to be controlled by some one else’s agenda.
  • FREEDOM is my main driver…. I love to be in control of my is a simply a facilitator to allow that to happen. I feel shit when I have to adapt to things….ie getting up early for a plane f’s me off.
  • Drink and drugs and women I have limited interest in most of the time, but when I do I do excess, badly.
  • I like having a goal.
  • I am not good at giving up on a challenge.
  • I love piss take banter.
  • I can be naive of what can happen and hence have gotten into some interesting situations.
  • I can see the future for others, but not for myself.
  • When I give a shit I absolutely hate loosing.
  • I won’t ever be rich as I simply don’t care enough.
  • I love Keyser Soze – sounds awesome except for the killing of people
  • I hate all the political correctness shit – I don’t believe society gets better by ignoring things and not talking about them because some things upset some people.
  • Humour should be cutting and blunt and horrible and be a away for society to live on the edges….some people will get upset, I am NOT sorry.
  • Most things I don’t give a shit about.
  • I need to learn to sleep more, but I have so many things to read, understand, grasp, do…sleep is a fuel I know I need. I need to do more to allow my body and brain to be better.
  • Luckily I sleep anyway very easily.
  • I don’t seem to worry about much.
  • I have a dodgy stomach and need to watch what I eat and drink or I feel ughhh.
  • I find most day to day conversations dull……but some I find wow wow.
  • I can easily create mayhem and distract people.
  • I like most people and can generally see their views quite easily.
  • I love employing people who are opinionated, smart, argumentative twats…..they are challenging but fun and you get lots done.
  • If you work for me don’t expect it to be a democracy…. but you will have open forums to argue with me like a twat and I will respect you more for it. Many times you will change my mind and we will do what you want….especially as I am lazy ( see above).
  • I am shit around idiots and twats as I am rude and blunt…referring to above… I am sorry you are stupid and I am sorry I can’t be more polite around you. I am not sorry I am rude when you are a twat.
  • I like debate, some may called it arguing, I call it challenging debate.
  • I very solidly follow the mantra “Strong Opinions Loosely Held” – show me new data and I will switch beliefs very easily.
  • I believe we are cockroaches living on a rock in space.
  • We may take over the Universe soon.
  • We may destroy the Universe soon.
  • We need to learn to “grow up quickly” as we have immense power being thrust into our hands.
  • We probably are just the bridge from one species on this planet to the next one that we will create….Star Trek was right: