Day 31 – Last Day

4.2 miles


The last day of the month, so I knocked out 4.2 miles and no pain in any joints:):) yes yes yes yes….I run like a little old man but I can run again….:)

Plus I listened about how money is not a motivator and creating bonus structures based on money can be detrimental to achieving goals as the creative side of the brain disengages and sometimes the creative side is what is needed.

Curious day…lunch with Sunny who is doing decentralisation of politics….always a fascinating chat. I will follow up some of his introductions and explore more…..the rabbit hole continues. Upgrading myself to a stronger better me he described my past few weeks….. I like that makes me feel good:) Thanks matey….

More chats with people asking if they should invest in Bitcoin…. I then open up the rabbit hole to them…then they get bored and switch off….. I know they just want to know if they can make easy money…… by the end of the chats they are more confused…..coins will come and go…most will be shit…some will be transformational ….many people will sell snake oil. I am very very bullish on decentralised systems and believe when the dust all settles the world will look very very different….but coins no idea.

Tonight dinner out with 15 of the staff…they still love me enough to invite me:) Thanks guys and girls I still love you all. If you wanted vegetables then the place we went to was the wrong place.


Tomorrow I may write one last post looking back and seeing how I feel and if I learnt anything during this process.

Just seen this from St James Park – wow….this is decentralisation in action: