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Linkybrains – When Doug is Bored – Day 25

Linkybrains – When Doug is Bored – Day 25

8km distance, 688metres – right knee slight pain. Not bad though as rental bike and not setup in detail.

I assumed everyone has seen these but obviously not:) This is how you get known in the angel/vc community:)


In no particular order:

Eileen Burbidge – The Preacher – Passion Capital

John Henderson – White Star Capital VC – Airtreee Ventures ( Sydney, Australia )

Russsell Buckley – The Bear – Angel Investor

Alicia Navarro – The Ozzy – Skimlinks – Angel Investor

Alex Dunsdon? – The Bald VC – SaatchInvest Saatchi Invest

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor – Angellab VC – Angel Investor

Laurence Marlor – ex – Angel Investor

Linus Dahg – Wellington Partners VC ( Simon Menashy’s mate)

Warren Cowan – Greenlight Digital was on The Apprentice

Duncan Kerr – The sexy VC in the midlands at Midven

Ian Merricks – Fast Forward London, Accelerator Academy, White Horse Capital

Matus Maar – Talis Capital Venture Capital – VC


Ricardo Sequerra – Cherry Ventures ex Faber Ventures – VC

Nick Holzherr – The Apprentice with the Hair:) Whisk

Tim Jackson – Angel Investor

Matt Clifford – Entrepreneurs First – EF

Richard Fearn – Angel Investor

Jon Coker – MMC VC

Philip Wilkinson – Angel Investor

Karen Hanton – Toptable – Angel Investor

Katie Leviten – Jamjar VC

Gabbi Cahane – the Tattoed Angel Investor

Yenyun Fu – London Bridge Ventures – VC and Angel Investor


Mark Evans – Balderton – VC

Harry Stebbings thetwentyminutevc, Atomico should not be a VC

Simon Bichara – Angel Investor

David Pritchard – The sexy Angel Investor:) – ex Opentable

Sitar Teli – Connect Ventures – VC

Michael Blakey – Angel Investor

Alice Bentinck – The Rabbits Friend – Entrepreneurs First – EF Accelerator

Jens Lapinski – Techstars Berlin

Luke Hakes – Octopus Ventures – VC

Simon Murdoch – Episode 1 – VC

Troy Collins – Secret Escapes – Endource – Angel Investor

Simon Menashy – MMC Ventures VC

Phillipe Botteri – Accel Partners VC

Hussein Khaji (Kanji) – Hoxton Ventures VC – Venture Capital

Kasia Robinski – Angellab – Angel Investor

Barry Smith – Skyscanner – Angel Investor

Harry Briggs – Balderton Capital Venture Capital – VC

Martin Mignot – Index Ventures VC

Scott Sage – ex DFJ Esprit – VC now Angel Investor

Corneliu Chiriac came to Lichfield:)


Damien Lane – The Almost German VC – Episode 1 Venture Capital

Colin Willis – Hotspur Capital – VC

Lawrence Barclay – DN Capital – VC

James Wise – Balderton Capital – VC

Sean Seton-Rogers – The Rice Owl – Profounders VC

Christian Hernandez – White Star Capital VC – Venture Capital – now called Bombi

Raj Ramanandi – Seed1 VC – Angel Investor – Soho Labs

Itxaso del Palacio – LEP Partners – VC

John Davy – ex Jongleurs – Angel Investor



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