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A coup by any other name?

A coup by any other name? As the dust is settling I am quite excited about LEAVING the EU, I think the ideas to leave were bad, there was no plan by the LEAVE camp of what we would do, OR the governement ( which is awful ),but it is interesting times because we will Read More

Brexit Fuck You

Brexit Fuck You I voted to Remain as did almost everyone I know within my educated group of friends and associates who live in the world of tech. My family, live in the North East and some live in the poorest parts ( my school was in the middle of one of the most deprived Read More

Is the this the NEW World of Change? Brexit?

Is the this the NEW World of Change? Brexit? Almost 2 million people have voted for this and to request a new vote on the referendum: What happens if this gets passed 17 million and more than the LEAVE camp? Does this devalue the old demographic methods of voting int he UK? The LEAVE Read More

My dirty little admission about Brexit

My dirty little admission about Brexit As many people know I was very pro Europe as I simply believe anything that has a noble desire to connect people and make them closer is a great idea, even with all the issues. As the votes were being made I watched the markets all saying it would Read More

16-21 year olds only allowed to vote?

16-21 year olds only allowed to vote? These people have to live with the consequences They have not acquired personal agendas They have little to loose so can be more unbiased.   Anyone older than 21 is allowed to pitch and sell their ideas to the kids  

When to Take VC Money

When to take VC Stolen from the Mosaic site here Mosaic Insights It may be a surprise to hear this from a venture capitalist, but the vast majority of startups should not take money from our industry.  The history of entrepreneurship is the history of owner-managers with no outside shareholders.  Indeed the data shows just Read More

Did I win?

Did I win? No idea what happened but the night went wrong   Is that you Mike Butcher?? Or is this you?? Ooops:)


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