Day 9 – Security Day


First thing…well 9am out for my run…thanks to Harry Stebbings for his podcast as I got to listen to the founder of Coinbase this morning. Managed almost 30 minutes and took a new route…up a hilll, so harder than my normal route. But another day with out stopping. Plus managed to listen to Scott Galloway from NYU… I love listen to him…so smart and so abusive…great entertainer.

Then headed to office, 800 yards away…. I made the office close to home so as to give me a nice way of life:) One of the best decisions of my life.!!!!!!!The office is next to town and the kids school.

Spent the next few hours learning about security on crypto and devices etc and upgraded everything I had… thanks to Rich, the paranoid android:):)… Look it up.

Obviously did some more crypto reading. As I was in the office I annoyed everyone by interrupting them working……sorry but I just do. Whilst I have been away they have recruited some people, so I said hi to the new 3 people and went out and bought fudge for the office……. it was all scoffed down by 5. My job was always to try and keep people happy…some times I did well, some times I did badly… but not as we know, Kirk.

Couple of calls today, both with old mates. One helping him how to do tax planning…honest…some where along the lines I managed to learn some odd way of seeing this. Then a chat with a mate of mine since I was 19, who we try to meet up now and then…..chatting about how many of our mates are semi retired or dossing about…..we seem to not have many friends who have worked like dogs….maybe like attracts like:)

Managed a bit more of the Trump book.

I am off tomorrow to London, Singapore and Hong Kong….nicely my little girls was upset that I was off. Being a girl she some days just ignores me…..others I get jumped on prodded and hugs galore….she is learning well.

It now is 11pm and as usual I have not packed…so off I go to pack my suitcase.

Life is seeming very easy and simple…. Doug has a tendency sometimes to create mayhem around him as he loves the fun. “Firefighters create fires when there are no fires” said a wise man to me recently…thanks Mike. Some times creating fires is not the wise thing to do…. Go and find a new fire to help put out maybe more useful use of time.

See some of you tomorrow in London for dinner…assuming you read this drivel:):)