Day 23 – Good Byeee


So it is our last day in Hong Kong and what a lovely day to finish with…… As you may have gathered by now, me and Andy like a relaxed way of life. The morning was a slow plod…breakfast in a waffle place in the middle of a HK market….breakfast lasted from 11.30 till 2.30:) But during that time we did talk about lots of things related to and the group of companies now within it…..we discuss things often but this was a proper sit down, with notes.

The afternoon was doing much the same, whilst reading books at Repulse Bay, beneath the Dragon Hole ( look it up ).


Then to a Chinese with Tak and Sherman, again, they will be happy to see the back of us. I will say it has been a great pleasure to spend time with them and learn lots form them about many things, hopefully we left some pearls of wisdom too.

So off we go ….bye bye to HK, but I will not miss the pollution, my mouth feels filled with dirt.

It really has been great fun with Tak and Sherman and I have loved the banter, openess and loving…odd word, but how it felt. See you both soon…x x x x