Day 25 – Running, Jetlag and Paperwork


Woke at 4am and decided should get back to my running…..was slack on trip, just seemed too hard to do. Headed off about 6am and managed a gentle 30 minutes, whilst listening to a podcast about sleep and why 8 hours gives you more creativity…lots of proof. Talking about why society had started to talk about how “cool” it was to say you had no sleep….. Shakespeare seemingly mentions many times about how good sleep is for you. One of his smart one:

O sleep, O gentle sleep, Nature’s soft nurse, how have I frightened thee.

Into the office for 8.30…ha ha surprised everyone. If I do go in, it;s normally about 11.30, as I do like my morning time by myself. Today is me trying to sort out my personal tax filing and finding all the data for my accountants….it’s going to be a long day. In my mad time of invested in over 400 companies, directly, indirectly….madness…now I am trying to sort out the paperwork….ugh.

Also made half effort to try to get food eating back on track…messed up a bit…keto mixed with no diary and no gluten. I need to plant his better….wind and acidy stomach from the plane is ugh..

Chatted to my darling 17 year old son about life and some wisdom of age…..he just shrugged and ignored me as I give him huge hugs….. 6 foot 3 now….milkman must have been tall.

Collapsed again at 10pm…jetlag exhausted.