Tak Lo – Techstars

Tak Lo – Techstars

Tik Tak does love his mints:)


He is actually addicted to them and they make him smell so wonderful, so much so that now he can’t go anyway without a minty smell.  If you see him wandering round lost then point him the direction of Tesco’s or even better carry some peppermint leaves with you at all time. Tic Tak was in the army and he can be dangerous without his fix and boy can he stare

silly army2

As you can see too many mints have made him go green.

Ohhhhhhh….funny skin but he smells great.

So much so that this is what happens on a night out

funny army


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The army type blurb

Tak Lo

Tak Lo

Startup operator – as a founder, mentor, and investor across the globe. Creating unfair advantages for early stage founders.He cares about audacious challenges, small team execution, education, international stuff, and veterans issues. He is Director at Techstars, Advisor at Valence Labs and Oxford Entrepreneurs and also Entrepreneur in Residence at Imperial Create Lab and Curator at Startup Genome. Studied at the London Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science and The University of Chicago. Tak Lo speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.