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Tak Lo – Techstars

Tak Lo – Techstars Tik Tak does love his mints:) He is actually addicted to them and they make him smell so wonderful, so much so that now he can’t go anyway without a minty smell.  If you see him wandering round lost then point him the direction of Tesco’s or even better carry some…

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Jon Bradford – Techstars – Springboard – Accelerator

Jon Bradford – Techstars – Springboard – Accelerator Jon likes hoodies   Almost Irish, almost Geordie. Doug Follow my Syndicate on Angellist Connect with me on Linkedin Dull stuff Jonathan is Managing Director of TechStars, Co-Founder of F6S, Startup Wise Guys and, Non Executive Director at Thought Machine, European Board Member at Application Developers…

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Ignite to open in London and Manchester

Ignite to open in London and Manchester So those daft Geordie boys and girls have decided to expand to the sunny South ( if you are from Newcastle you know Manchester is in the South) After running almost 50 teams through the system they have a interesting strike rate to say the least. They take…

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Paul Smith – Geordie Boy almost – Ignite and Campus North – Newcastle

Paulo Smiffy ( commonly called Paul Smith ) rambles and rants lots but has a heart of gold. Original of Italian heritage ( obvious with a name like that ). He now resides in Newcastle and has helped create Ignite and Campus North after that Johny Bradford was transferred to Techstars in London. Paulo in…

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