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How to Get Rich from an ICO and maybe not goto Prison

1. Raise lots of money from loads of angel investors and small vc’s, give them most of shares in my company 2. Do what I want with the money ( skiing baby ). Most investors won’t care as they have small share holdings, make sure to keep them in the dark 3. Build something interesting…

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Overview of Seedrs Performance

Overview of Seedrs Performance Seedrs produced lots of data for investors: The basic overview for lazy people is this: the more deals you invest in the closer you will get to being lucky and hitting the average the best performing type of business’s are hybrid digital/non digital the best performing sectors have been finance,…

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What do startups need to prove to get @PotentialVC to invest?

In the grand scheme of things, we’d like to think that we’re not The Evil Investor. And while we don’t exactly have a 231491221-page long investment thesis (who reads those anyway?), this Venn diagram should explain our crazy methods nicely. If you’re an early-stage startup, well, this is what we’re looking for. Introducing our Circles…

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Andy Murray investing on Seedrs

Andy Murray investing on Seedrs Seedrs have announced that Andy Murray will be investing on Seedrs to build his personal portfolio. Maybe I am missing something but I did not realise that Andy was a great angel investor. Maybe I could announce that I was going to be a great tennis player and you should…

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