Tim O’Shea – Angel Investor

Tim O’Shea – Angel Investor

My long time matey wor Timmy as we call him, as he was born in Newcastle, but now drives a tractor in Norfolk. He spent his early life at a posh Uni and managed to stay in, then advanced his life to doing odd things in very odd countries…sounds like special forces…not far off. Ask him if you dare:):)

Nowadays can be seen spending most of his time doing silly things on mountains in the Alps…see that special forces training came in handy.

Some of this stuff is actually true and some if is not.



Tim O'Shea

Tim O’Shea

Tim is Founder of Mindcom Investments and Blurtit. After a few years working overseas in Adventure Travel and Humanitarian Aid, since 2000 he has been creating digital businesses including Blurtit, Qhub, and PureContent. Blurtit has been the most successful with traffic peaking at 18 million unique visitors per month, making it within the top 200 most visited websites in the world at the time. Through this process he learnt the attributes of a great business and realised that to benefit from their outstanding economics there is need to create one, but instead find shares of one to buy when they are selling for less than they are worth. Hence he transitioned to become an Investor. In an attempt to keep up to date he also takes an interest in Angel investing and enjoy exposure to the dynamic environment of startups. Tim studied at the Cranfield University – Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment, Cranfield School of Management, London Business School,Columbia University – Columbia Business School and Oxford University. His specialties are analysis, capital allocation, business valuation, investing, start-ups, digital marketing, search marketing, community building, business strategy, idea generation and problem solving.