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Linkybrains – Sorting Normality – Day 17

Linkybrains – Sorting Normality – Day 17


Sat in dressing gown all day doing all the normal stuff…paying gas bills etc.

My bots now doing all the heavy lifting, life got lot easier. Analysing all the data now, very apparent the early adopters and people who grasp this are young and educated. We also have a definite hub within London. There are more locations appearing every where round the world, but they are all early. For the next few days my bots and I would suggest other people’s bots focus down on London and young educated. We can expand out from them. Everyone has an odd, smart friend who our bots would never find but they know from school, pub etc:) We need people to call them or email them etc. Everyone in London has some friends else where in the UK and the world. Other countries will fall due the international mix of London.

Obviously if you live in a different location do it for your location. I simply say:

Hi my system said you look interesting do you wish to come for a coffee with a few of us. Here is a link to a few articles. If you want to know more signup for the newsletter. If they connect and many do I say hi and send them to more articles.

I don’t engage in arguments it is too hard. 


France has already been announce – give them any help asap as site not live yet.

Brasil, South Africa and China coming soon

Germany already holding events

Events here

Mike is running to keep everything running….sorry matey :)

Signup to the Newsletter here

Stats on what are happening are very hard to pull together at the minute….remember this was not planned and everyone helping is doing if for free using free tools etc. Please help

Click here

Do not think it is all easy, everyone involved has never worked together before so we are having to learn how to communicate with each other. The learning curve on how to related with various people is huge and some times not easy, but the honesty is making it work.

As I keep saying please offer to help we can use anyone to do anything.

Click here

Site Traffic UK – 68%, US  – 9% ( but scattered ), Germany – 3%, France – 3% ( but stats in Linkedin, FB are too time consuming to find and pull together ). Obviously our networks are strongest in the UK.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.15.14

UK map

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.19.41

All Cities by order

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.41.32






LinkyBrains – I am a Linkybrain Hunter Needing Help – Day 14 part 2

LinkyBrains – I am a Linkybrain Hunter We Need More – Day 14


The job is exhausting, harder than anything you will have ever done by miles, you will not be paid.

  • share this list every where and tag anyone and everyone when sharing it

Please read all, sorry if it long

Humanity has always operated like a living breathing connected organism with each person helping humanity develop. Humanity has also always grown in leaps, the leaps being compounded by unreasonable exponential people Einstein, Marie Currie, Newton, Picaso, De Vinci,etc etc.

The challenges that humanity, is and will face, are greater than ever. Things are changing faster than ever. Already we have Artificial Intelligence that is much better at linear thinking than humans, this is only going to increase. Humanity needs to adapt to these changes so as to be able to utilise the unique talents they have to be the best they can be. What will humans do? Where will they fit in the new world? The questions are endless. Think where humanity has come from in 500 years, where will it be in 500 more? Humanity is either about to develop the abilities and tools to conquer the universe or we will be another species that once existed on planet earth. There is no halfway house on this. The universe is about to become our playground or we die out. Our traditional systems of education and employment will be of no worth. Humanity needs a paradigm shift and it will not come from linear thinking.

I believe we need Linkybrains to help the above problems and fast.

Assuming these people are scattered all over the planet then they are mixed within 7 billion people. Many you who are already active had their first interaction with me. Many of you have had many interactions with me. So far this guy wins – Jake Newport with 3 hours of online arguements. – hi Jake lets hope it was worth it.

With all the tools I am running plus 18 hours per day I am contacting about 2000 people per day. I am relentless but it will take me forever and my health will be gone.

Thus we need almost 50 billion interactions to find everyone on the planet. Simply I can’t do that, so we need to amplify things.

Hence here are my ideas, pick any or all:

  • Share articles as many as possible whenever and where ever on any and all social media.
  • Tag in as many people as possible, on any and all social media, you have no idea who is who let them decide.
  • Tell any journalists you know about Linkybrains any where in the world.
  • Tell that Elon bloke about Linkybrains. :)
  • Just announce on your social media you are having a coffee in your local coffee shop ( that is how simple it is ).
  • Write articles and post anywhere and every where.
  • Goto events any where with anyone you know.
  • Email anyone and everyone you know to look at
  • Email anyone and everyone you know to look at this on medium.
  • Build tools to do any and all of the above and share them every where.
  • share this list every where and tag anyone and everyone when sharing it
  • create more ideas and lists and share them

Oh shit I left the cooker on…..


Ps. Elon request is above:)





Linkybrains – Ignite Manchester Calm – Day 11

Linkybrains – Ignite Manchester Calm- Day 11


So in the midst of the mayhem going on around me I had agreed to mentor some of the startups in Manchester this afternoon. Great fun, lovely people and nice ideas.

Went down the pub afterwards with some guys making bespoke shoes that can’t keep up with demand…. I love that shit:)

Everyone I met I had a simple question for….Why?? I have no idea what the business’s were, they will change in a few months.

Life seems to have calmed down in my head. I am chasing Elon so I can get my £20 from Alex:) ( see yesterday post ). I have to do 50-100K chats online to make it happen….which obviously is boring, hence reframing it everyday means I can laugh with Alex about how close I am.

It is all calm here baby:) Mike has me under control…..for a while:)

Interesting to watch as many people sit embarassed or whatever on the sidelines as to what is going on. Read the linkybrain stories people on google or on medium or on linkedin. The amount of people chatting to me now who are deemed “important” in the normal world grows at pace, who see something special. This is no longer mad 4 of us.

Need more sleep tonight as last night going to be at 3am was not great, but we did open up the US:) Details to come soon – check out events.

Newcastle event happened with 7  people, London event happened with 15 people. Great stuff kids.

Photos of Toon:):) Who is this???


Manchester is tomorrow…see some of you there.

Next stop the world.

Remember Elon I am coming for you baby.


Oh shit I left the cooker on…….




Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1

Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1

Of course I am not mad. In my head everything is simple and obvious, the world does not understand me. Others may see me as mad and in the past I even felt like I should have been locked up. Why was the world so hard and why did people get caught up in trivial dull shit.


So at the age of 54 I have some how stumbled into something. I have always been searching for things and playing, is this it? Maybe, maybe not I have no idea.  I am no way as Linky as many people who have contacted me, but I am definitely not normal, but I do not think anyone is, society has played some interesting games on us.

Humans have all got #linkybrains that is how we got out of caves, it is how we did fire, it is how we have done everything since the dawn of time. The industrial revolution valued conformity and everything being the same, that revolution is over, machines will do that role better than humans ever will do. Humans need to value their linkybrains to head out in to the new world and away from the old cave. ( Did I just write that? – see the self doubts creeping in )

As soon as you become yourself then you unleash the full power of the human capacity to manifest and create your own reality. Most of the most powerful minds are trapped by the systems that surround them. To release human potential you have to fundamentally open the cages that contain the best people. Society is the cage. (stolen from a friend)

What the hell am I doing? I am an imposter, how did I get here. No idea.

So what the hell happened today:

  • 1000 online chats atleast all over the world – I used to be rude online, now I am brutal, sorry everyone..I some times have 20 windows open at once.
  • 20 phone calls – mostly with Alex Dunsdon – emotionally one of us  and the other is down…what is happening we keep asking each other? ( I have built numerous companies I know the yoyo’s it is just part of the game – its part of the fun, I learnt to accept it)
  • couple of chats with Chris Tottman – are we people who can straddle linkybrains world and normality easier than most?? We don’t think so, we think we just embraced who are are earlier in life.
  • couple of chats with mates in Hong Kong
  • popped into my office to print off some music for my daughter ( I have a printer at home but not got it setup – idiot )
  • did cycle ride of 25km – cycled like a nutter trying to clear head
  • texted James Routledge to ask what the f is happening…he replied and said just keep going x x x
  • listened to Rag and Bone Man at full blast – wow can he sing…inside his mind is torment
  • some more people volunteered to help with design, dev, coordinating etc
  • maybe 30 more events being planned round the world
  • concerns we are not getting many women in the conversations – do women think like this, is it a man issue, do women not want to talk about this…no idea?
  • white and Indian men seem to be posting more and more…where are the blacks and Chinese etc?
  • realised Mike is a machine, he takes all my madness and sorts it at super fast pace, with happiness…. we have still never met or even chatted on the phone…when life calms down we will get to it.

Some stuff people have sent me to leave you with. Thank you. ( this is a tiny amount of snippets of what I have been sent today):

Healing in action. There is a huge amount of self forgiveness for people in realising that they are not alone and that they can succeed by just being themselves. To have mentors that have made a career out of joining dots when they may have never have been appreciated for their talents and often ridiculed for their ‘laziness’ etc is a profoundly incredible thing. My long battle with mental health came from the cruelty of the world trying to make me into something that I wasn’t and having nobody in my corner to help me harness the gifts that I had. The education and employment system itself causes deep harm to the non-linear thinkers of this world.

Thinks a million for arranging Linkybrain. I can’t even explain how much this will help new start ups…Feeling I am not alone in my journey.

I spent years being ashamed of my brain, I left school completely unqualified and through a string of short lived jobs I started to genuinely fear my own inability to concentrate as my peers somehow did. I knew I wasn’t stupid and I was capable of complex and abstract thought but I watched titans of industry and corporate CEO’s with envy as they seemed to have the focus and dedication I could never muster. I was capable of hyper focus on tasks and could lose myself for hours in an idea or concept that most would find mundane or bizarre but none of this seemed to apply to my professional life.

Work / life balance — this doesn’t exist for me, and doesn’t need to. My brain is always on and enquiring, everything I see is processed and filed away and allows the linky effect of applying different learnings across a whole spectrum of knowledge and how it applies to different things. I have never understood those who don’t do this. What are they thinking about — football/house prices/politics maybe?

Long story short I haven’t joined a cult and I’ll take on anyone who declares Linkybrain to be a cult. Cults tell you how to think and what to conclude, Linkybrain is the realisation that the outliers and brilliant but scattered people are everywhere and its time to think about how we value their power.

Quickly though, I was called something else, I was called an Eternal Unsatisfied guy. Which then became Perfectionist. It’s weird because if you take a look at my life right now, it’s the opposite of perfect. It has probably never been that shitty. Do I expect too much and therefore don’t get anything? That’s probably what it is.

The best one, and how scary do you think I feel when someone say this. Thank you Marc:

This is a bold mission that has in it the potential to unlock the full potential of some of the greatest minds on the planet. All with a shit brand… ;-)

Doug –

Ps. For a laugh and to amuse myself I started tweeting random people the words #Linkbrain. Notable ones today were these 2:)

Having just reread this end bit it does seem a bit mad.




ICO Transparency Document – Questions to Ask Founding Teams Raising Via an ICO

ICO Transparency Document – Questions to Ask Founding Teams Raising Via an ICO ( work in progress )

ICO’s ( Initial Coin Offerings ) are a step between a private company and a very public one, but currently there are no regulations in place to protect the public, so the public need to find as much information as possible prior to investing into an ICO. For such a reason I have created a list of questions (ICO Transparency Document ) that a founding team can answer and make public:

  1. How many years has this company been live?
  2. How much money has the company raised before?
  3. How much money are your raising via the ICO
  4. Which country is the company registered in?
  5. What is the citizenship of the founding teams? Please supply names and citizenship.
  6. Has legal council been sort on whether this will be deemed a Security by the country of registration of the company? Can we see a letter to state this?
  7. Has legal council been sort on whether this will be deemed a Security by the country of citizenship of each of the founding team? Can we see a letter to state this?
  8. If you received investment before but could not get a product market fit why do they think you will get product market fit with more money?
  9. Is this ICO just an easy way to raise more easy capital as you could not raise more venture capital money?
  10. Has the share table been restructured in the past 12 months? If so what happened and why?
  11. How much runway do you have left before you run out of money?
  12. If you have venture capital funding before are they participating in the Token sale and buying Tokens at the full price? How many tokens are they buying? If they are not buying why not?
  13. How many Tokens are previous investors being given?
  14. How are company shares and Tokens to be distributed among founding team?
  15. Can you share the names of every person who has signed the documents to agree to the ICO happening?
  16. Who was and is on your board now?
  17. If there has been a change on the board, who changed, when and why?
  18. Do you have any board members who are not management but external to the company?
  19. Are these board members incentivised based on the price of the Tokens or via some other mechanism? What are the incentivizes?
  20. What lock ins are in place for all coin holders, so as to not allow anyone to to become rich without any value being added to the world?
  21. Has the founding team changed in anyway in the past 24 months, ( ie anyone resigned or been fired from the team ), if so who and why?
  22. Do the founders have any involvement in any other Token companies, if so which ones, what is your role and why are you involved? Are these Tokens in anyway a conflict to your own Tokens?
  23. Do any of the founding team hold any other Tokens? If so which ones and why? Are these Tokens in anyway a conflict to your own Tokens?
  24. Do any of the founding team have any involvement in helping raising finances for other Tokens? If so which ones and why? Are these Tokens in anyway a conflict to your own Tokens?
  25. If you have helped,or are helping other Tokens to raise finance do you need regulatory approval to do so in the country you live in, the country you are a citizen in, the country the ICO is registered in?
  26. What will money raised in the ICO be used for?
  27. What are the deliverables of the project? Can we see the project plan?
  28. What controls are in place to prevent misuse of the money raised via the ICO? Can we see any documents?
  29. What data will you produce to your community and when?
  30. Who is promoting your ICO? Are they regulated to do so?
  31. What criteria do you believe the project should be deemed a failure?
  32. If the project is deemed a failure what are the process’s to return the funds to anyone?
  33. DistrictOx have already started to offer complete transparency on what they are doing as a company, salaries etc and making the data public on how money is being spent (). Will you do this? If not why not?
  34. Blockstack, a $50,000,000 backed ICO with many established players investing and advising has created a Token sale mechanics where Tokens are released depending upon deliverables of the project. Are you going to do the same? If not why not?
  35. Aragon has a transparency model and each quarter produces reports ( ). Are you going to do the same? If not why not?

This is not a definitive list of question but should give investors in Tokens some extra information to go along with any documents the ICO team produce.



How to Get Rich from an ICO and maybe not goto Prison


1. Raise lots of money from loads of angel investors and small vc’s, give them most of shares in my company

2. Do what I want with the money ( skiing baby ). Most investors won’t care as they have small share holdings, make sure to keep them in the dark

3. Build something interesting in the company. Most investors won’t care as they have small share holdings, make sure to keep them in the dark

4. Use some company money to goto ICO events ( in nice places – I am not going any where shit) and meet everyone who is important

5. When I am running out of cash, sack staff and do a recap of the share structure, so I end up with enough shares to control the board. Most investors won’t care as they have small share holdings, make sure to keep them in the dark

6. Wait a little bit of time and announce a Pre ICO. Give the investors some very small number of coins, just incase anyone did care. Most investors won’t care as they have small share holdings, make sure to keep them in the dark

7. Keep most of the coins for myself ( more skiing soon baby ).

8. Persuade some “whales” to buy my coins Pre ICO, who I met on my ICO tour/holiday.

9. Persuade, with coins, some exchanges to list my coins.

10. List on exchanges

11. Pump it when listed on the exchange, everyone involved sells asap, if they know whats going on. I am RICH. The whales maybe get a nice return. The original investors may get some cash back.

12. Avoid the SEC

ICO’s, Crypto’s and my Concerns.

ICO’s, Crypto’s and my Concerns.


My Background in Crypto

Firstly let me say I am a massive believer in blockchain technology and the possible uses that could advance humanity. Having spent quite a bit of time in the crypto/ICO world over the past 6 months, in Berlin, Zug ( Crypto Valley ), Singapore, Hong Kong and on  The Coinsbank Cruise in Asia I feel I have more of an understanding of the space than many ( but I  am far from an expert ). In these and other locations I have talked to many, many people about anything and everything around the subject, including the impacts on society, the valuations of coins, potential uses, the list is endless. But I have some major concerns that this method of funding is being abused by many.


ICO’s are a new funding mechanisms being used by many in this space to raise finance. It can be a much easier funding mechanisms than traditional Venture Capital methods, but with much less protection for investors. ICO’s are raising $10,000,000 plus many with little product. For these reasons the moral character and execution abilities of the founding teams behind any ICO are of huge huge importance. This issue was recently addressed by Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Etherum. ( Reference )

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 00.51.00


ICO’s are currently unregulated and many governments are concerned, including the US who have recently begin clamping down on some ICO’s. In December this happened to Tezos (Reference):

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 08.20.38


Last week:

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 08.13.02


Also be aware that for an ICO to be a true ICO it needs not to classed as a Security. Securities are very heavily regulated globally and the US regulators are beginning to class many ICO’s as Security sales, so be aware, especially if you are a US citizen as founder or investor.
Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10.50.31
Coinbase have produced this for reference – securities-law-framework
A very common practice in the ICO space is this:
  • the Company raises money via a private ICO without the coins being listed on any trading exchange. ( sometimes these are old failing companies who have run out of funding who are just repackaged).
  • the private ICO is executed with syndicates of private investors buying the coins ( unregulated collective investment schemes – which are illegal in many countries ). Many people running these syndicates have been involved in the “scene” for a few years and are very well connected.
  • sometimes these syndicate deals are done with the agreement of the founders and sometimes the founders are completely unaware of what is happening.
  • thus coins are now held between founding teams, advisors and the new investors.
  • exchanges are “persuaded” to list the new coin ( I have no idea what criteria each exchange use to decide if a coin should be listed or not ).
  • prior to the listing on a exchange a marketing exercise is created to create hype round the “new coin”.
  • once listed on the exchange the “new coins” become tradable and the mass market begins buying the “new coin” generally at a premium on the price ( the coin “pops” is the term people use ).

Some of the recent ICO’s have created systems to prevent coins being traded by investors and founders for years and have also decided to not list on exchanges for several years. Thus locking investors and founders into help deliver a product and thus remove speculators, but the amount of ICO’s where this happens is still small.  Once more Vitalik of Etherum,  has shown his concern, and has proposed a potential solution to the speculation issue:

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 09.06.40



So before investing in any ICO please check:

  • make sure the ICO is not a security and there is a real need for a coin.
  • make sure the ICO is not just an old failing company repackaged to look pretty for an ICO.
  • ask the founder “what is so different about what you’re doing that requires an ICO rather than usual methods of fundraising?”
  • ask all the early investors, coin holders, founders and board members to state in public (twitter/facebook/linkedin etc) that they believe the team is morally good. ( hence creating a public record incase any regulatory bodies want to investigate if something goes wrong )
  • you believe the team are extremely moral.
  • you believe the team can deliver the project they have described.
  • the white paper explaining the business forces the founders to have very long lock ins and only to become rich if they deliver something of real value.
  • the early investors have no method to quickly “flip” their coins and make a quick profit.
  • the ICO operates in a jurisdiction that has some resemblance of legality ( Singapore and Switzerland are common countries for these to be based in ).
  • Do you have experience building a community?
  • What is your strategy in building, growing and sustaining your community?
  • What is the role of your token?
  • Could not you have just used Bitcoin?
  • Who is your customer base?

I am going to start asking founders who are doing ICO’s to answer these questions and publish them. First one will be in a couple of days. Any questions I should ask?

This is a work in progress document, so please help me and post extra information for me on twitter:

Thanks for your time please share this far and wide



Ps. This week I will ask these questions to Mick Hagen to founder of who is current doing a $30 million ICO




Day 13 – Walking and walking Singapore


Back to semi normality…did well with the jetlag and slept ok.

Started running again…… wow it is hot and wet here ( I was out running in the rain round Fort Canning park, so if you see an very slow bloke running up hills in the heat, that is me ). Today listened to podcast by Olaf of Polychain.

Met a mate for lunch at Dempsey Hill, which was fun, with great food. Then me and Andy walked round Singapore for 10 hours, stopping for snacks now and then….plus if you travel with Andy you have to stop at the bar when there is one… that belly sir as you no longer can cycle.

Hours of walking in something I have always done as I simply love it that you have no idea where you end up….in this case some dodgy Chinese food bazaar, with lots of very odd food. On another front I always have walked with staff as I find it is not as formal and everyone is more open to have discussions. So obviously me and Andy righted the world….serious not we had hours of conversations about what we did and why we did things.

Oh forgot to mentioned we bumped into Alice from EF, not only was she in Singapore the same time as us, she also was in the same hotel and the same floor…with rooms almost next to us…… Is she stalking us???

Andy looking sexy…..emmmmm







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