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Linkybrains – Chilled and last day – Day 30

Linkybrains – Chilled – Day 30


My advice to anyone is write how you feel for 30 days and be honest, no need to make it public…you will be astonished what you realise.

My bots are running at plodding speeds now, the AI bots on the social networks won’t stop them. They are slow but I have shown a few more how to do them now too, so we are off. We get people tagging and sharing more and more means we get more growth.

Stats still saying London….traffic is every where on every social network…so only data we can really see is from the site. Every day 200-400 people, 75% new people. 10-40 signups per day for the newsletter. My kpi’s are newsletter signups and people who go for coffee. Both growing solidly weekly. If this was an investment you would be impressed:)

We are implementing more things to allow people to see more things and cross pollinate information across all platforms. Plus more automated stuff like newsletters etc.

More people keep giving us ideas so I keep adding them here:

Other than that I did 30km on the bike listening to Adam Curtis and Russel Brand….interesting pairing. But I like Adam.

Well “it’s good night from me and it’s good night from him”.

Day 30 over so this is my last post in this burst.

For anyone who has not seen this before please ask Elon when I get my money. Sorry Elon I had to throw that in:)

Oh shit I left the cooker on………






Linkybrains – tum te tum – Day 29

Linkybrains – tum te tum – Day 29

At Day 30 I will stop these blogs as I have described the journey to anyone who follows this path. Now I know where I am.

This is now about bit by bit making the process better. We have hit something but it is not hard to push a ball down a hill.

I will probably do the same as last time and wait a week or two and then write an overview, which is really just for me.


Linkybrains – Looking for £10 million and a Bloody Nose – Day 28

Linkybrains – Looking for £10 million and a Bloody Nose – Day 28

Rich I love you.

Rich: You are so wrong about so many things. The beauty is, you only have to be right about a couple of them :)

Doug: Only 1:):) and it might not be even me who does the 1…I just have poke someone else who pokes someone else.



#Linkybrains 28 days ago people thought this Linkybrains thing was a joke. We know we want to make the world better, so I suspect we need £10 million to start with. Where do we get it? Here is a vague deck:)
From a Linkedin discussion:
Lots more:):) But don’t seem yet to be able to express it easily. From experience one day I will wake up and write it down. In my head linkybrains is in every city in the world, that is just a time scale now. It is done, it can no longer be stopped. We have local solutions from one part of the world being shared on some platforms to other parts of the world who have similar issues. We have people who can fix huge problems connected and coming in and out of projects when there skills are need. Many of these projects will spin away from Linkybrains and that will be great. I see Linkybrains as a sort of living breathing ideas pot with great people coming in and out. A sort of connected humanity. I see FB, Linkedin, twitter etc as simply hammers to help build a small house, from the small house people will come and go and learn and go off and build better houses. Many will never come to the small Linkybrains house or even know about it. A side product will be many people will become so much more than they ever thought they could be. Maybe this is my first draft:)
Of course today:
Oh shit I have left the cooker on…………….


Linkybrains – Hectic Day by the Pool and No bike – Day 27

Linkybrains – Hectic Day by the Pool and No bike – Day 27

One of those odd days, lying by the pool….I rented the bike and messed up the days and they collected it yesterday. I got half way up those hills by day 7 on the bike….8km and 700 metres…that is steep.


So generally read a bit, loads of online chats. Few surreal phone chats with Alex as normal.

Newcastle event went from event, to none event, to event….I will leave that for them to explain:) Well done guys looks like you have a core starting.

Early flight tomorrow at 11.30am….means I have to rush a bit in the morning so off to bed.


Linkybrains – Everyone is their own jailor – Day 26

Linkybrains – Everyone is their own jailor ( or maybe janitor ) – Day 26

So we have 100’s of people signed up on email, changed job titles on Linkedin, joined FB group, written blog posts.

eyes wide shut

The Cambridge event today shows how much society has control over everyone.

  • 11 people signed up to an event, for some reason it had to be organised ( why? – all you have to announce is you will be in a coffee shop at a certain time )
  • 1 person deciding they were not coming and hence it was cancelled
  • 9 of the 10 people did not turn up
  • 1 person turned up as he did not see the note and then complained that he had not been told

This linkybrains thing is intentionally decentralised with no one driving. Imagine if this is how you are living your life….yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir… as you are told.

Eyes Wide Shut people…at what point in your life do you take control….your call with that one.


The more I learn about this thing Linkybrains, the more I learn about me and society.

Today’s vision is that we seem to have 3 sets of people:

1 . the ones who know there is a society game going on and have created their lives to be able to play the game that suits them.

2 the ones who do not seem to fit and think there is a game going on, but cannot work out how to play the game and constantly feel frustrated.

3. the people who are on the rabbit wheel to death.


Linkybrains has resonated with the first 2 groups, these people then fall into 2 camps.

Subsets of group 1:

1a. wow what can we do with this group ( welcome to the shed )

1b. interesting but thanks I already have my games and they work very well ( magic other people building other sheds )

Subsets of group 2:

2a. wow I can see more how can I help – oh shit this is scary ( grip tight Dorothy as you will soon realise Kansas never existed )

2b. I better run away from that thing as I am not ready to face myself and who I am ( don’t stress life is about a patient path in all things )

Group 3

Eyes Wide Shut – not judging it is what it is, baby steps.


Ideas of 1000’s of Coffee Events with a simple GOAL
Fixing local easy issues
Keeping people connected and involved
100’s of Virtual Coffee Groups
No matter who you are, most of the smartest people who can fix the problem you see are some where else in the world and you are not connected
People who understand each other and relate
Fixing global problems with simple solutions
People come together when there skills are needed and leave when there skills are no longer required.
The idea is greater than the individuals.
Providing Funding for Virtual Teams Doing Wow Projects to Help Humanity
Creating funding ideas by:
TED like events
TED like licensing deals
Angelist like jobs board
ICO – no idea how this fits, but exploring
Utilisng revenue from content – medium like
Crowdfunding platform and crowd fund for Linkybrains to run and crowdfunding to invest in humanity projects ( with maybe no return )
Raising from philanthropists


The reason I ask people to write and article about themselves is because you have to think about who you are and what is important. No reason to publish it other than it may help others.


Last day on the bike 31km, 800 metres climbing. Felt a breeze compared to the other days.


Oh shit I left the cooker on….incase you missed it






Linkybrains – When Doug is Bored – Day 25

Linkybrains – When Doug is Bored – Day 25

8km distance, 688metres – right knee slight pain. Not bad though as rental bike and not setup in detail.

I assumed everyone has seen these but obviously not:) This is how you get known in the angel/vc community:)


In no particular order:

Eileen Burbidge – The Preacher – Passion Capital

John Henderson – White Star Capital VC – Airtreee Ventures ( Sydney, Australia )

Russsell Buckley – The Bear – Angel Investor

Alicia Navarro – The Ozzy – Skimlinks – Angel Investor

Alex Dunsdon? – The Bald VC – SaatchInvest Saatchi Invest

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor – Angellab VC – Angel Investor

Laurence Marlor – ex – Angel Investor

Linus Dahg – Wellington Partners VC ( Simon Menashy’s mate)

Warren Cowan – Greenlight Digital was on The Apprentice

Duncan Kerr – The sexy VC in the midlands at Midven

Ian Merricks – Fast Forward London, Accelerator Academy, White Horse Capital

Matus Maar – Talis Capital Venture Capital – VC


Ricardo Sequerra – Cherry Ventures ex Faber Ventures – VC

Nick Holzherr – The Apprentice with the Hair:) Whisk

Tim Jackson – Angel Investor

Matt Clifford – Entrepreneurs First – EF

Richard Fearn – Angel Investor

Jon Coker – MMC VC

Philip Wilkinson – Angel Investor

Karen Hanton – Toptable – Angel Investor

Katie Leviten – Jamjar VC

Gabbi Cahane – the Tattoed Angel Investor

Yenyun Fu – London Bridge Ventures – VC and Angel Investor


Mark Evans – Balderton – VC

Harry Stebbings thetwentyminutevc, Atomico should not be a VC

Simon Bichara – Angel Investor

David Pritchard – The sexy Angel Investor:) – ex Opentable

Sitar Teli – Connect Ventures – VC

Michael Blakey – Angel Investor

Alice Bentinck – The Rabbits Friend – Entrepreneurs First – EF Accelerator

Jens Lapinski – Techstars Berlin

Luke Hakes – Octopus Ventures – VC

Simon Murdoch – Episode 1 – VC

Troy Collins – Secret Escapes – Endource – Angel Investor

Simon Menashy – MMC Ventures VC

Phillipe Botteri – Accel Partners VC

Hussein Khaji (Kanji) – Hoxton Ventures VC – Venture Capital

Kasia Robinski – Angellab – Angel Investor

Barry Smith – Skyscanner – Angel Investor

Harry Briggs – Balderton Capital Venture Capital – VC

Martin Mignot – Index Ventures VC

Scott Sage – ex DFJ Esprit – VC now Angel Investor

Corneliu Chiriac came to Lichfield:)


Damien Lane – The Almost German VC – Episode 1 Venture Capital

Colin Willis – Hotspur Capital – VC

Lawrence Barclay – DN Capital – VC

James Wise – Balderton Capital – VC

Sean Seton-Rogers – The Rice Owl – Profounders VC

Christian Hernandez – White Star Capital VC – Venture Capital – now called Bombi

Raj Ramanandi – Seed1 VC – Angel Investor – Soho Labs

Itxaso del Palacio – LEP Partners – VC

John Davy – ex Jongleurs – Angel Investor



Linkybrains – Ebley Street – Day 24

Linkybrains – Ebley Street – Day 24

600m up, 16km long – felt harder, but I was better….it got cold after 500m

Linkybrains fun, we announced events in London and decided there would be no organisers turn up. I thought it would be funny to experiment to see could we growth hack real coffee events:):):):)


Do not doubt the power of humour to make things happen. Every king had a joker:) The pack of cards power cards are the jokers:) I just like mischief and was probably the crap joker who got executed in early life:)

Some people went, some did not….Be interested to hear from people who signed upto go but did not, and from people who did go. How were the emotions? How are the emotions?

A very smart man once said these words:

Maybe i should call myself a “rubbish polymath”.

Or did he, or was he not smart. Wow my brain is rambling now. But I do love that sentence as it say so many things about a person:

  • Polymaths = generally are very talented generalists
  • Rubbish polymath = implies lots of self doubt, and or humour to deflect from their belief that they maybe a real polymath.
  • “Maybe” – if this word is removed the sentence context changes and implies they believe they are a polymath, but not on par with the great ones.

The words come from Alex Dunsdon, who I love and who is smart as f***. I think you are a quite good polymath matey:) Imagine if you actually applied yourself what you could do:)


Anyway I am going to go off and ramble as for some reason my mind is jumping from one things to another and I can be arsed to write it down. I am writing this for my amusement not for yours. If you like it great but you are not my audience:)

158 Ebley St and Tracy Chapman, Fast Car – always makes me smile. ( some woman just sang it in the hotel where I am ).  When I was 24 I lived at this house in Sydney. We had a rubbish blue sofa I would lie on. I used to get in from work about 4pm each afternoon and turn on MTV to listen to music, this song would be on lots.

It looks nice now but the brick walls are the same. Julie there is that back bedroom, you, Si and Wiggs dossed in

Brain the size of a planet and he had to drink with us – never forgot that.

The kitchen tiles are the same too.

I liked that house, lots of great memories.

Oh I definitely left the cooker on……








Linkybrains – Tools – Day 23

Linkybrains – Tools – Day 23

Many people have asked what tools I use. These are some that myself and friends have used.

Many people have asked why do I use them, my reply is simple:) Why do they do their garden with a spade rather than their hands? We have tools to make our life easier, surely we should use them:)

tools – allows to automate lots of the dull process’s within linkedin to help you find and connect with the people you want. – email crm that can sit on top of gmail – email outreach tool – allows you to semi automate lots of dull process’s on twitter to allow you to follow and connect with people you want
There are more tools out there to make life easy for you. Just go looking:)
I always like this:

A very religious man was once caught in rising floodwaters. He climbed onto the roof of his house and trusted God to rescue him. A neighbour came by in a canoe and said, “The waters will soon be above your house. Hop in and we’ll paddle to safety.”

“No thanks” replied the religious man. “I’ve prayed to God and I’m sure he will save me”

A short time later the police came by in a boat. “The waters will soon be above your house. Hop in and we’ll take you to safety.”

“No thanks” replied the religious man. “I’ve prayed to God and I’m sure he will save me”

A little time later a rescue services helicopter hovered overhead, let down a rope ladder and said. “The waters will soon be above your house. Climb the ladder and we’ll fly you to safety.”

“No thanks” replied the religious man. “I’ve prayed to God and I’m sure he will save me”

All this time the floodwaters continued to rise, until soon they reached above the roof and the religious man drowned. When he arrived at heaven he demanded an audience with God. Ushered into God’s throne room he said, “Lord, why am I here in heaven? I prayed for you to save me, I trusted you to save me from that flood.”

“Yes you did my child” replied the Lord. “And I sent you a canoe, a boat and a helicopter. But you never got in.”

Managed 550m up in 13km on the bike….that is quite steep going:)
Oh shit left the cooker on……..

Linkybrains – Start of the Hills – Day 22

Linkybrains – Start of the Hills – Day 22

650 metres up a hill today in 16km on the bike:) Hard but I did love it:) My bike:) Got to get to 1500m in 21km for France in June


Linkybrains world bit odd – loads going on but feels to me like nothing happening. Pleased I have created companies before as I know this feeling, you feel flat due to some odd emotions but the facts are different.

We tried with someone today an interesting game:) Started connecting to their 2nd level contacts on Linkedin that we thought would be linkybrains but also would be good for their core business. So just sent them connection emails and said:

Hi xxx, My name is xx and I would love to connect with you as I am doing xx, and I think connecting would be both for good of us. For some fun you may also find this interesting, Thanks for your time and I hope we connect.

200 requests were sent, 50 people connected, 15 people replied, 5 of them replied mentioning linkybrains and either said they liked it or were curious.

Been listening lots to Jordan Peterson – he thinks like me

Look at the amount of events wow:




Linkybrains – Messing – Day 21a

Linkybrains – Messing – Day 21a


Over 1000’s of years when we operated in tribes everyone found a place and job in the tribe, everyone felt valued.

Children when born love to mess and play and be silly and affectionate, but then they are taught do not do things that would upset the apple cart ( we even made up sentences for it ).

The wise one, the funny one, the carer, the hunter, the mother, the father, the cooker, etc etc plus every tribe that survived had someone who pushed things to the limit. This person was the one who hunted the largest animals, swam across the wildest river, acted the biggest fool, many times they died in the process, but society valued them as they helped the tribe grow.

These people pushed the industrial revolution forward creating the tools that humanity did not know was possible.

Society then become all about acting like a commodity and fitting into the system, the idea of jobs for life appeared. So as they get older all the things that make up uniqueness of humanity are pushed away. Everyone wishes they could be the person who does not care, but no one does…Strange eh?

When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

. – CS Lewis.

Everyone when born is a Linkybrainer, society has stopped valuing it, so many have forgotten the skill.

The Linkybrainers we will call them, they want to be the funny one in the tribe, the explorer, the wild hunter, the one pushing things for the benefit of the tribe. The tribe still value them but only after the fact…….Why not before or during?




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