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Day 26 – Taxes

But first I get up at 6am and get a 40 minute run in….the best ever, I enjoyed it and felt fresh doing it. I have never been a one for doing things at 6am other than sleeping, but I am enjoying the being on the road, by myself with my podcast playing….podcast is on Read More

Day 25 – Running, Jetlag and Paperwork

Woke at 4am and decided should get back to my running…..was slack on trip, just seemed too hard to do. Headed off about 6am and managed a gentle 30 minutes, whilst listening to a podcast about sleep and why 8 hours gives you more creativity…lots of proof. Talking about why society had started to talk Read More

Day 24 – Home

Managed 7 hours on the plane back….magic:) Decided to give up on the new Trump book…… he is an idiot…every day is ground hog day of a mess. Started his book “The Art of Deal”…it is awful…. I gave up on that one too. Mark my taxi man from Lichfield was waiting for me…..we talked Read More

Day 23 – Good Byeee

So it is our last day in Hong Kong and what a lovely day to finish with…… As you may have gathered by now, me and Andy like a relaxed way of life. The morning was a slow plod…breakfast in a waffle place in the middle of a HK market….breakfast lasted from 11.30 till 2.30:) Read More

Day 22 – Pollution and Structure and Coins

202 and very unhealthy is almost exactly where we are staying on the Island. Wow, wow. Pollution from China has blown in to Hong Kong…it is shockingly unreal. I had heard the stories but nothing prepares you to see it. The city is basically covered in what you think is fog, but it is not. Read More

Day 21 -Chill Baby

The vomit won and I decided to chill for the day. Lunch with Sherman trying to help him plan his life….some things I think are obvious that others can’t see…… Rest of the day did almost nothing…..I love these days and need them to happen often….my mind and body like them. Saw Gilbert of Read More

Day 18 – The End is Nigh

So today I started to get tired…. I normally spend lots of time by myself, with occasional bursts of being very social. I am more than happy this way and it suits my personality.  Add to it I am on a boat all day, there is loads to do, but I just like my freedom Read More

Day 17 – On a Crypto Boat as Crypto Prices Collapsed

Wow what a day in Crypto land. To get you upto speed, I am currently sailing a Royal Caribbean ship off the coast of Malaysia, with 100’s of hard core Crypto fanatics and for some reason loads of over 40 year old Chinese women. An interesting mix. We have sailed from Singapore with our destination Read More


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