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Linkybrains – The Lull – Day 10

Linkybrains – The Lull – Day 10 Now there are 5 – welcome Daisy:) #Linkybrains now we get real. Lots of planning, real stuff. So for my amusement this Alex’s life is in my hands. One day Alex will meet Elon Musk and I will get £20. It all is in the numbers now, we…

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Linkybrains – Acceptance – Day 9 (3)

Linkybrains – Acceptance – Day 9 (3) I have changed this to be Day 9 as simply this is how old this”project” is. I am saying project in the loosest loosest terms. Behind the scenes is mayhem. All we know is we have hit something, it is not a business, but something much much bigger….

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Linkybrains Oppenheimer – Day 3

Linkybrains Oppenheimer – Day 3 He said: There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago. He also said: I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. I said: Oh shit I have left the…

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LinkyBrains – yoyoyo Day 2

LinkyBrains – yoyoyo Day 2 Personal emotional shit most of the day meant not a good day… ended better hopefully sorted it Wow this is hard to write tonight…. Lots of engagement during the day, soon we will have channels live on all social platforms. The big debate on the back channels is what really…

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Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1

Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1 Of course I am not mad. In my head everything is simple and obvious, the world does not understand me. Others may see me as mad and in the past I even felt like I should have been locked up. Why was the world so hard and…

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People who connect unrelated dots. they do not understand the world I wrote this in January and things started happening: Month1 is over – Life Jim but not as we know it ( Linkybrains/Linkbrain ) This happened:            

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Mainframe ICO ( CEO Mick Hagen ) – ICO Transparency Document

Mainframe ICO ( CEO Mick Hagen ) – ICO Transparency Document Mick Hagen the CEO of Mainframe who are currently doing a public ICO sale has kindly answered these questions, so the public have the information they need to make informed decisions. Thanks Mick for being so open and explaining the changes that have happened…

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