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Day 31 – Last Day

4.2 miles The last day of the month, so I knocked out 4.2 miles and no pain in any joints:):) yes yes yes yes….I run like a little old man but I can run again….:) Plus I listened about how money is not a motivator and creating bonus structures based on money can be detrimental…

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Day 30 – almost the end

One more day of you suffering my rambles. Went to bed late and woke up at 8am…it was freezing so decide not good for the running lark…not the cold but the iced ground. I have enjoyed going out early when no one is around ( and will continue ), it feels like the world is…

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Day 29 – Odd days

A realisation happens – I need to find something to do:) Managed 3 mile run at 7am…great way to start the day I am starting to appreciate. But after that what do I do for the rest of the day? I seem to have delegated things in the companies so well that I now get…

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Day 28 – I slept in

Wow life is getting interesting… I woke up at 8.30 having has almost 10 hours sleep….How did that happen? So missed my morning run:( But probably for the best as had slight pain in right hip. Out with daughter to watch her play Hockey….told you just none stop adrenaline junky here. Tears in the afternoon…

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Day 27 – more running

Up early again and did my longest run yet….45 minutes of plodding. Really getting into it…still no pain in joints of note. Downloaded lots of Ted talks on NPR radio makes it a fun learning trip too. The rest of the day was a nothing dramatic day…..took daughter to kid’s party….but whilst it was going…

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Day 26 – Taxes

But first I get up at 6am and get a 40 minute run in….the best ever, I enjoyed it and felt fresh doing it. I have never been a one for doing things at 6am other than sleeping, but I am enjoying the being on the road, by myself with my podcast playing….podcast is on…

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Day 25 – Running, Jetlag and Paperwork

Woke at 4am and decided should get back to my running…..was slack on trip, just seemed too hard to do. Headed off about 6am and managed a gentle 30 minutes, whilst listening to a podcast about sleep and why 8 hours gives you more creativity…lots of proof. Talking about why society had started to talk…

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