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Protected: How to do an ICO – The Arrogance of Tech

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Read more (CEO Andre Voisin ) – ICO Transparency Document (CEO Andre Voisin ) – ICO Transparency Document Thanks to Andre for providing this information so quickly. The only addition I have made is that the hard cap is $12 million. Company: ( for white paper etc please refer to their site )        How many years has this company been live? Incorporated September…

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ICO Transparency Document – Questions to Ask Founding Teams Raising Via an ICO

ICO Transparency Document – Questions to Ask Founding Teams Raising Via an ICO ( work in progress ) ICO’s ( Initial Coin Offerings ) are a step between a private company and a very public one, but currently there are no regulations in place to protect the public, so the public need to find as…

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How to Get Rich from an ICO and maybe not goto Prison

1. Raise lots of money from loads of angel investors and small vc’s, give them most of shares in my company 2. Do what I want with the money ( skiing baby ). Most investors won’t care as they have small share holdings, make sure to keep them in the dark 3. Build something interesting…

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Making ICO’s Fair, no Flipping

  old investors, new investors in coins, founders and staff are unable to sell coins for atleast 3 years and only small amounts each year afterwards. staff’s rewards ( salaries etc ) have caps in place so as to not allow them to drain the bank accounts. if it is decided to close down the…

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ICO’s, Crypto’s and my Concerns.

ICO’s, Crypto’s and my Concerns. My Background in Crypto Firstly let me say I am a massive believer in blockchain technology and the possible uses that could advance humanity. Having spent quite a bit of time in the crypto/ICO world over the past 6 months, in Berlin, Zug ( Crypto Valley ), Singapore, Hong Kong…

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Month1 is over – Life Jim but not as we know it ( Linkybrains/Linkbrain )

CLICK HERE PLEASE So I did a month of idiot writing…phew…. ( this has become Linkybrains/Linkbrain ). ( Thanks to alex Dunsdon for the name ) The aim of me writing was so I was forced each day to reflect on life and what I was doing and going to do. During the month I…

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