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Linkybrains – Tools – Day 23

Linkybrains – Tools – Day 23 Many people have asked what tools I use. These are some that myself and friends have used. Many people have asked why do I use them, my reply is simple:) Why do they do their garden with a spade rather than their hands? We have tools to make our…

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Linkybrains – Start of the Hills – Day 22

Linkybrains – Start of the Hills – Day 22 650 metres up a hill today in 16km on the bike:) Hard but I did love it:) My bike:) Got to get to 1500m in 21km for France in June Linkybrains world bit odd – loads going on but feels to me like nothing happening. Pleased…

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Linkybrains – Messing – Day 21a

Linkybrains – Messing – Day 21a Over 1000’s of years when we operated in tribes everyone found a place and job in the tribe, everyone felt valued. Children when born love to mess and play and be silly and affectionate, but then they are taught do not do things that would upset the apple cart…

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Linkybrains – Slow Down Day – Day 20

Linkybrains – Slow Down Day – Day 20 My day normally consists of waking between about 6 , but I always like to have an hour dozing, suits me well and brain seems to like sorting out issues then. I hate morning trains, plains etc…hence years ago decided to not get them… anyone who has…

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LinkyBrains – Loads more Events – Day 19

LinkyBrains – Loads more Events – Day 19 Events every where ( loads coming in London next week )  – Click here Also more thinking about how to make money to fund growth – ICO, Ted model, what else? Suggestions please. Someone told me I have a Reality Distortion. I had now idea what it…

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Linkybrains – Process For Growth – Day 18

Linkybrains – Process For Growth – Day 18 What I have learnt. The idea is to simply sift through social networks to find people who are like you and not upset anyone. One such idea is this: Use the Linkedin search facility to find people in your city on your 2nd level. I have found…

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Linkybrains – Sorting Normality – Day 17

Linkybrains – Sorting Normality – Day 17 Sat in dressing gown all day doing all the normal stuff…paying gas bills etc. My bots now doing all the heavy lifting, life got lot easier. Analysing all the data now, very apparent the early adopters and people who grasp this are young and educated. We also have…

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