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Did I win?

Did I win? No idea what happened but the night went wrong   Is that you Mike Butcher?? Or is this you?? Ooops:)

Who will win Mikes prize?

Who will win Mikes prize? Mike Butcher  ( picture below ) hosts The Europa’s tonight:   Who will win? Will I win??   Doug Picture: By Keith Allison – Mike Butcher, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Arrogance in the Tech world from Paul Graham

Arrogance in the Tech world from Paul Graham Who said techies had become arrogant self centred people?? Seemingly Sam Altman of YCombinator was not allowed to be served at the bar at The Ritz in London because he was wearing trainers ( sneakers ). Picture from his twitter handle included:)   Sam quotes: Low point: Read More

When to take VC

When to take VC Great Post from Mike at Mosaic: Read it below if you are too lazy to click on above link:) When to take VC Mosaic Insights It may be a surprise to hear this from a venture capitalist, but the vast majority of startups should not take money from our industry. Read More


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