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Morzine and Avoriaz ski ( skiing ) and snowboard instructor

Morzine and Avoriaz ski ( skiing ) and snowboard instructor

Just spent a week in Avoriaz being taught how to snowboard by Yvan Bertrand, he taught me well but my complaint is now my 5 year old daughter is so good I won’t be able to keep up with her……..unbelievable.

So here is a link to him, if you need any help he is great….a happy guy with patience of a saint who tught me easily. My daughter was doing tricks by the end of the week.

Thanks Yvan:) See you next time.

Click this link to find him:):)

Morzine and Avoriaz ski ( skiing ) and snowboard instructor


Are we going back to building REAL none investor backed startups

Are we going back to building REAL none investor backed startups

I remember the old world when all my friends built REAL companies, REAL products, REAL solutions and people even paid REAL money to these companies as they solved REAL problems. But that was in the REAL WORLD.


But those days seemed to vanish between 2010 and 2015, it is a long time since I met people who were building a company and not wandering round begging for money for someone else to pay.  So the days of people selling their houses, cars or using their credit cards to build something they believe in have vanished. Why just take your daft idea and use:


Let us see how the world looks as the VC money starts to dry up this year and REAL companies have to appear.



Paul Smith for Head of Tech North Please:)

Paul Smith for Head of Tech North Please:)

Last week I read that Claire Braithwaite had stepped down as Head of Tech North. I has only met Claire a few times and she had been excellent every time I’d met her, plus numerous people I knew who worked with her said she was good, so I was surprised when she stepped down. All the best Claire.

But as they say the Queen is Dead long live the King.

I immediately thought that role should be Paul Smith’s ( ex of Ignite ), I have known Paul for years as a friend and someone who I have huge respect for in tech and in so many ways, as do so many people. I mentioned to Steve O’Hear ( journalist at Techcrunch )  that Paul would be awesome at it and Steve said yes probably, but Paul would not like to  play the politics of the Head of Tech North. But that is one of the reasons I think Paul would be so good at it. He is not a politician in the normal name of the game, but he has done more for the early stage tech scene in the North than almost anyone. The guy simply gets shit done and has helped hundreds and hundreds of people and startups directly, as well as influencing so many more. Beneath that blunt exterior is a guy who simply cares massively for people, many times to the detriment of himself. All you have to do is ask many of the people he has helped and they will all tell you the same story, he is blunt but he pushed people to do things greater than they thought was possible.


Let me explain the first real discussion I had with Paul, from that day on I became a great fan of things he did.

We were in Mal Malmasion bar in Newcastle one evening at about midnight. At this time Paul had a small group of people in startups in a room above a pub on Westgate Road in Newcastle and I had been looking at the numbers, the accounts and what they were trying to do. What they were doing seemed so pure and real. So I asked Paul why he was doing it as he personally would make nothing from the venture that he was putting his heart, soul and personal money into. His reply I never forgot it was simple:

Someone should, it is the right thing to do

In a world where many people have many agenda’s that was so refreshing to hear. From then on I said I would help anyway I could and I still do, and hopefully I have done my little bit to progress Paul’s vision of “doing the right thing”.

Many people know Paul’s background, but incase you don’t here is a quick synopsis:

Founder of Ignite100 accelerator helping almost 100 companies

Founder of Campus North – 15000 sq feet coworking space

Advisor to – and Alex the CEO ( who just was recognised as  one of the most influential people in tech in the UK )

(A great tweet from Alex about Paul – That’s why you a [email protected] legend   )

Publically talks about his depression

Publically rants that more women should be in tech.

This is the article written by Steve O’Hear on Techcrunch mentioning that Paul had stepped down as CEO of Ignite. This a very fair article:

Paul Smith CEO of Ignite

If you wish to know more here are Paul’s personal accounts.

Paul’s rants on twitter

Paul on Linkedin – read some of the references:)

Paul’s articles on Medium

Coincedences happen for a reason, Claire resigned creating the role and Paul resigned from Ignite100 looking to find the next challenge. Timing seems to be perfect:) I know Paul did not know Claire was going to step down. There may be other people who could do the role of Head of Tech North, but there are few qualified enough, with as good a track record, a huge passion for Northern Tech and not doing anything at the minute…..

Hence please let Paul grow Tech North into what it could be………..


Ps. For clarity Paul has not paid me to write this:) But I did tell him I was going to push for him to take the role…so please let us convince him.

147 People in Kenya have not been murdered this week

147 People in Kenya have not been murdered this week

I am actually astonished that people keep posting this onto Facebook and saying how terrible it is that no one is talking about it:

147 People in Kenya have not been murdered this week

Maybe it is because you were too lazy/idol/stupid to bother to read the facts that this happened in April and are just off stating things that maybe appeal to how you see the world. Maybe you want to create sensational news or propagate it. So many people have said that the reason it has not been mentioned is because no white people died, maybe it was hardly mention in mainline news is because it was not news this month…shock horror eh.

Just goes to show how a simple algorithmic fuck up at the BBC starts pushing a story to the top of the most read articles and then the story gets reinforced.

The reality  is the reason why the Paris murders are all over the news is because it is rare for this thing to happen, especially in a Westernised city that so many Europeans or Americans  know and probably have been too. Most Europeans or Americans have never been to Kenya, Syria. Egypt, Yemen etc and sadly atrocities of these kind are more common place nowadays in these countries….hence the headlines are no longer headlines….sad but true.

Note that when the murders happened in Mumbai and few white people were murdered, the story was headline news around the world. Because in India there are few mass murders.



Ps Please read the facts before spreading more crap round the internet and creating sensational news that is not news.




Religion – a new book

Follow any of the old books exactly to what they say and the outcome is not good. Those old books were written when the world looked different and controlling the masses needed certain rules. Maybe someone should write a new book, but the book only be valid for so many years…

I am not particullary religious but more generally spiritual in some way but this appeals to me:




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