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Day 16 – Penang, Malaysia

Das Boat is filled with lots of stuff, including a running track, but alas have not found time to do it today. There was a part of the Crypto Conference on the boat this morning, which was ok……bit weak in many cases except some guys from the Estonia explaining how their government was doing stuff Read More

Day 15 – We are sailing

I did manage to get my run in before we headed off on the crypto cruise. Das Boat is very big ( Das Boat is a great show ) The major decision of the day was: Should we pay $57 Singapore Dollars for unlimited drinks on the boat? Andy was obviously very keen ( please Read More

Day 13 – Walking and walking Singapore

Back to semi normality…did well with the jetlag and slept ok. Started running again…… wow it is hot and wet here ( I was out running in the rain round Fort Canning park, so if you see an very slow bloke running up hills in the heat, that is me ). Today listened to podcast Read More

Day 12 – Flying

Late evening flight to  Singapore ( we tried an experiment to fly via HK as the timings allowed us to get a long sleep – its 11.5 hours to HK ). Made the trip a few hours longer but it seemed to work. Also added some nasal spray to help with the dry air. We Read More

Day 11 – Ah ha

Obviously not these: Few chats with odd people in London….Hi Simon enjoy the start of the journey:) Then chat with Lillian, who I had never met ,which was a definite ahha moment…thanks Lillian. As I said to you do not undervalue what you do…..Anyway the ahah was: Lots of people think I am a bit Read More

Day 10 – London, Crypto models and VC’s

Off to London, but the Queen is not in. So met an old mate from the banking world who did coding stuff and I explained crypto to…off he went to build some tech to see if my models worked………. Will we get rich from being traders??? Then met some old friends from the VC world….about Read More

Day 9 – Security Day

First thing…well 9am out for my run…thanks to Harry Stebbings for his podcast as I got to listen to the founder of Coinbase this morning. Managed almost 30 minutes and took a new route…up a hilll, so harder than my normal route. But another day with out stopping. Plus managed to listen to Scott Galloway Read More

Day 8 – London bound

Off to sunny London today for an interesting lunch – sorry can’t go into details….but great fun lunch with a nice Canadian guy. Hopefully we will do some stuff together:) As I had 3 hours on the train there and back, I got to read the start of the Donald Trump book….wow do they look Read More

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