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Day 7 – Reality Dawns

First thing did my run – after 7 years of no running whatsoever I can now manage 1.5 miles none stop ( I can cycle for miles and up hills, plus do ok training in the gym…..but not ran for so long and body does not like it ). On the plus side no back Read More

Day 6 – Day Off Sort of:)

As a person who has never really had a proper job, days at work and days off are very similar….except for the kids doing stuff. Morning was checking on my crypto models before kids up…( either sleep in till 9am or get up at 6am, all depends how active my mind is – today crypto Read More

Day 5 – Sorting Junk – Gluten and Milk ugh….

I hate paperwork stuff Plus just found out I have reactions to Gliadin ( a type of Gluten in most wheat since the 1980’s when it became the new modified wheat we eat ) and Cow’s Milk……   Got in my run…getting easier today, but still doing no distance….Doug do not beat yourself up. Did Read More

Day 4 – Crypto Day

US flights to East Coast were messed up:   Reorganising travel to one of my staff whose flight to Vegas was delayed. I am the company travel agent for fun:) Always have been even for mates holidays. The advantages of being a well travelled person. Ran in the morning – getting better but no distance Read More

Day 3 of the New Year

Run done – no pain in hip:) Harder than I thought:( No breakfast – test of some fasting No carbs or sugars during the day Fantasy Football was not good for me as had Chelsea defence Board meetings for the Group – was interesting, guys have good ideas and plans…no shocks Learn loads about day Read More

Day 2- A New World

Day 2 – A New World   For 30 days or until bored I am going to document what happens and how I feel….just for my own records maybe:) Woke up 9.15 am….slept like a baby. Lunch with long time mate and business mentor Mark, chatting about shit and new world…he still does not understand Read More

A New Year – A New World

A New Year – A New World 1/1/2018 So it begins….. After years of founding and running www. I am stepping aside from being the operator that I am.   It has been an interesting ride, some good and some bad…but mostly good, interesting and fun….15 years….wow. The guys and girls within Potential are Read More

VE Interactive goes into Administration

VE Interactive goes into Administration The founders and some of their investors in their heads thought they were a Unicorn…… oops Dave Brown the founder of VE Interactive Dave also founded ThinkersHQ Mark Pearson of Myvouchercodes and Fuel Ventures was an early investor and stepped into the company in March to help try and Read More

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